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Workshop / PhD / Industry / Posters Chairs / Editors' Instructions

Instructions for Chairs/Editors of the Middleware 2011 Workshops, Industry Track, Doctoral Symposium, Posters & Demos, and Industry Track


What to collect 

1) Please collect for all papers: final pdf and source material. 

Please make sure that papers follow and that they
apply ACM Computing Classification categories and terms. 

2) Please collect the copyright forms and assemble everything intp a zip file.

What to check

1) Page limits. 

2) Copyright notice in every paper's first page.

Figure Readability

Package Structure

Please create a zip file with the contents of your workshop (name the file with the acronym, e.g.,

Inside that zip file, there should be 2 folders, and subfolders as follows:

  • acm  (with the contents to send ACM)
    • paper-list.csv (a comma separated text file with each line obeying the following structure):
      • "Paper Number (01-...)", "Full/Short Paper","Paper Title", "Authors and Affiliation separated by semicolon","contact author's e-mail address", number of authors
    • copyright (copyright forms folder, use the paper number in the filenames, e.g., 01-form.pdf)
    • papers (folder with the papers final .pdf file, use the paper number in the filenames, e.g., 01-paper.pdf
    • editors.txt (text file with the chairs/editors names and affiliation, separated by semi-colons for ACM meta-data)
    • front-matter-preface.pdf (a pdf file with the front matter of your workshop to be used directly by ACM as a cover for the event,, stating the organizing committee, program comitte, sponsors, organizing institutions, reviewers, message from the chairs/editors,keynote abstracts, desired rendering of table fo contents -without page numbers). You can find an example at 
    • toc.pdf (a pdf file just with the desired rendering of the table of contents for ACM checking)
  • sources (with all your soure materials, following loosely the same naming scheme and folder structure as above)

What to send

We will only use e-mail if necessary to transfer the workshops contents. Please e-mail the proceedings chair at  giving an URL where the entire workshop zip package can be downloaded. Once we are done we will inform you so you may put them off-line.