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Call for Posters


The Middleware conference is a forum for the discussion of important innovations and recent advances in the design, construction and uses of middleware. Middleware is distributed-systems software that resides between the applications and the underlying operating systems, network protocol stacks, and hardware. Its primary role is to functionally bridge the gap between application programs and the lower-level hardware and software infrastructure in order to coordinate how application components are connected and how they interoperate.

Following the success of past conferences in this series, the 12th International Middleware Conference will be the premier event for middleware research and technology in 2011. As previous years, the poster session will provide an opportunity for conference attendees to learn about innovative work in progress and to preview late-breaking research results. Posters contributions are solicited in all areas of middleware research and applications.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Middleware platforms:

  • Middleware for emerging cloud computing, datacenters, and server farms
  • Middleware for traditional clusters and grid computing
  • Middleware for mobile devices, ubiquitous, and mobile computing
  • Middleware for sensor and embedded systems
  • Middleware for Internet applications and social networks
  • Middleware for Web services, Web service composition, and SOA
  • Middleware for data-intensive computing
  • Event-based, publish/subscribe, and message-oriented middleware
  • Middleware support for multimedia and tele-immersion
  • Reconfigurable, adaptable, and reflective middleware approaches
  • Middleware solutions for distributed databases
  • Peer-to-peer middleware solutions

Systems issues for Middleware:

  • Reliability and fault-tolerance
  • Scalability and performance
  • Energy- and power-aware techniques
  • Virtualization, auto-scaling, provisioning, and scheduling
  • Security, Privacy, and Information assurance
  • Storage and file systems
  • Parallelized execution and techniques
  • Dynamic configuration and self- or autonomic- management of middleware
  • Real-time solutions and quality of service
  • Evaluation and deployment: challenges, techniques, and lessons learned

Design principles and tools:

  • Programming frameworks, parallel programming, and design methodologies for middleware
  • Empirical and deployment studies for middleware solutions
  • Debugging and distributed debugging of middleware
  • Probabilistic techniques and approaches for middleware
  • Methodologies and tools for middleware design, implementation, verification, and evaluation
  • Formal methods, verification, and software engineering for middleware
  • Security and Privacy
  • Old Wine: Revisiting classical middleware paradigms, e.g., object models, aspect orientation, etc.

Submission Details

Submissions describing the posters should be at most 2 pages using the ACM proceedings format. Deadline for submissions is September 30th. Please send the poster proposal as a PDF document to Sonia Ben Mokhtar ( indicating "Middleware Poster Proposal" in the subject line.